Saturday, August 3, 2013


Trying a new app to see if it will make blogging possible from the ipad



We shall see!!!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Saying goodbye...

Today is a sad day...

Our friends Joe and Meg are moving... 

We have always known their love for family and the upstate but didn't really ever consider life without them a phone call away or a ten minute drive....

God puts special people in your life especially when lots of change takes place! 

I would say we have been through lots of it together! 

We first met Joe and Meg during our second visit to Radius in March 2009. Jesse and I had just experienced our biggest change in our marriage when he resigned from his job as a youth pastor at the church we had been to together since 2001...and Jesse had been there since he accepted Christ in 9th grade!

We had been visiting around local churches to find people like us that we could do life together! Todd sent us an email after our initial visit at Midway in February and introduced himself and wanted to become involved with crossover (Jesses brand new ministry) Jesse explained we were looking for a young married couples small group...well Todd had heard from some other couples too and in March it kicked off with Joe and Meg leading....we felt obligated to go try it out since Todd had gone to the trouble to create a group...I remember being unsure about going because the week they were starting was the day of my first half marathon and we were going to miss it. We took a chance and joined a week late with everyone being so nice! Turned out one of the girls I had gone to elementary school with and the couple who hosted the first few weeks lived down the road from my school plus Joe and Meg had a sticker on their car about a boxer...SCORE! We found people like us! 

After we met them that Sunday we had a dinner date to Chickfila the next day to "get to know them"

We talked forever in the booth there and honestly have been friends since! 

We have gone through a lot of things together in the last 3 and a half years including job changes and  adding 4 kids to the mix...

We want to say thanks. Thanks for saying yes to Todd to start a small group. Thanks for getting to know us. Thanks for sharing your life with ours. 

I can't believe today is the last day on Corley street since I remember painting the walls the day you closed on the house - and then having movie night complete with mattresses on the den floor! I remember welcoming home sweet Liam while Jesse was on his bike you close the doors today just know that the memories will remain of all we have experienced. 

We look forward to visits so "Leelum" and "G.G." can play! 



Monday, November 5, 2012

September Recap...(the second half!)

The second half of September was busy busy with Run Hard and Flag Football so we pretty much did the usual...

Church...Flag Football...Small Groups on Sunday

Nap...Relax...clean...Moes on Monday

(Black beans...not chocolate!)

Love on baby...Visit the Palmetto Cafe to see Bubby...then home for naps

Get pedicures and play dress up

Shop at Target...find toys and snacks to occupy a certain 1 year old

Go to Ryans for breakfast...and get ready for a day of football

Amanda and Josh invited us to a carnival at her school...

Georgia Grace had. a. ball.

 Thanks for inviting us!
She was OUT!

So was he...

And football...


By the way...can't believe how much they look alike!


 including going to the park that night!

Thursday...Zoo date


Just for fun here is a pic of Georgia Grace last year!

 (gotta have fun on the way home!)
Jesse's FAVORITE dessert...homemade apple pie!

Saturday...Cheer on the dawgs (and gamecocks)

Check out GG's new ride...Jesse painted a cozy coupe that was 5 bucks to be a Crossovermobile!

September was a fun month with TWO PRECIOUS BABIES!