Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nursery Decisions...

So, we haven't stressed over the future baby's room but honestly we haven't completely been able to decide on what room to even make the nursery. My opinion is we should make the current "office" the nursery because we both have laptops and we honestly never use it. It does store all of the Crossover supplies but for the most part we could do without it. The other room is a guest bedroom. We honestly don't use it that often either but it would be a lot harder to store the bedroom suit if we make that room the nursery. Jesse has his opinions but definitely IRRATIONAL! He says we need to put the baby in the guest room (its the back room) because the office is at the front of the house and he said, "what if there is a drive-by?!" A DRIVE-BY? REALLY?? WHY DO WE LIVE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT A DRIVE-BY!! Can you tell he is going to be way too overprotective?! Even though we don't know what room we will use my mom did order the bedding for us from pottery barn! I am so excited...I honestly looked on the internet for what seems like all summer for something that wasn't pastels, browns, or greens. No matter a boy or girl I am doing primary colors and an alphabet theme...must be the kindergarten teacher in me...but once I found the bedding I sent it to my mom and she ordered it! Can't wait to find a crib now and start setting stuff up!!

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