Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back To Work...

Well, Monday was my first day back to wasn't as hard as I thought but last weekend was terribly emotional. I couldn't believe that the time had already gone by and that I had to go back. Not that I didn't want to go see my kids, cause I absolutely love them and I love my job...but my little girl is my heart and I don't want to miss a thing when I am away! Luckily it wasn't too hard on Monday when I left because I just left her at home with daddy! We are so lucky that Jesse's job is based out of our house so he can keep her most of the time. He has meetings and errands he must do but for the most part he gets to keep her. Right now she is sleeping a good bit so he is able to get some stuff done but in August when I go back to school we will probably have to figure out a different situation since she will be moving around a lot more! Here are some pictures from Georgia Grace this week...I sure did miss being with her but am lucky that she gets to stay with her daddy!!

Sleeping in Liam's swing! (Meg watched her when Jesse had a meeting!)

Hanging out on the couch with Ace!

Daddy let me wear my bulldogs shirt for the start of the SEC basketball tourney!

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