Monday, March 21, 2011

Newborn Must Haves...

Here are our TOP Items we couldn't have lived without since having Georgia Grace...

Boppy...perfect to use while breastfeeding...also she slept on the Boppy for the first 6 weeks in her pack and play!

Swing...Thank you to the Twigs for giving us Kenyon's...this is where Georgia Grace falls asleep for naps daily. She loves to sit and look at the mobile, listen to the sounds/music, and look in the mirror. Although we have had to change the batteries a few times, this swing is a life-saver!

Pack and Play...Georgia Grace slept in the bassinet part of the pack and play for the first 6 weeks of her life. Once I went back to work she has been sleeping in her crib. She still stays in the bassinet and plays with the toys while we take showers or are getting ready! It also has a changing area on it. We did not get a changing table so when we need to change her we can use this (but most of the time we change her on the floor!)

Play Mat...She has had this for about a week and she loves it. She will hit and kick and smile and "talk" as she lays on this mat! It has definitely been a great purchase!

Medela Pump...This has allowed me to continue nursing as I went back to work. Luckily Georgia Grace has been a great eater from day one! (by 5 days old she had already passed her birthweight!) We started introducing a bottle at 2 weeks old and she has never suffered from nipple confusion! She gets bottles during the day while I am working and then she nurses again at night. We have been very blessed to not have to purchase any formula so far!

Miracle Blanket...The name of this says it is a MIRACLE! Georgia Grace likes to move so she was getting out of the swaddle in the hospital. It wasn't a big deal because she had to eat every 2-3 hours...but once she was 5 days old we were given the ok to let her sleep (and not have to wake her up to feed her) She would wake herself up in the middle of the night with her arms flailing to the sides. We put her in the miracle blanket and she slept for SIX hours! Yep...she slept 6 hours when she was 6 days old! This swaddle is absolutely awesome because it has no velcro, its not fleece (Georgia Grace gets hot easily), and it has special flaps to "lock down" her arms! Right now she is sleeping as many as 10 hours if we don't wake her up! Jesse calls it her straight jacket but you can just watch her relax when we put her in it!

Udder Cover...I saw an offer to get this for free on Valentine's Day. All I had to do was pay for the shipping (which was about 10 bucks) but this thing has been great. I am a private person and am not interested in nursing in public. The times that I have been nursing in the hospital or at my house and we have had visitors I would always cover myself and Georgia Grace up with blankets. I was always nervous they would fall down or something though. This cover is great and will not fall down.

Infant Tub...well what can I say...Georgia Grace loves to be naked. If she is crying and you can't figure out what is wrong...just take her clothes off...she will just lay there and stretch out. She loves it. Needless to say she enjoys bath time too! When you strip her down she stretches out and when you put her in the tub she acts like she is in a swimming pool on a float soaking up the sun! (This summer should be a lot of fun in our backyard!) This tub has been great and so easy to give her a bath in...she is still using the little "hammock" insert to lay on!


  1. Oh my goodness! As I'm sure you can guess, this blog is INSANELY useful to me! We're registered for a few of the items already(I'm pretty proud of myself!), but the others we'll defiantely have to look into!!! I know you're enjoying Georgia Grace just as much as Ryan and I will enjoy Hannah!!

  2. glad it will be helpful! Also, I did a blog last summer when I was about to register and got mommy insights from things to def get...check out that blog too! I had LOTS of comments that mommy's wrote out! But these 8 items are must haves for the first 8 weeks! :) Especially if you are going to breastfeed!