Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Boston and Flying With A Baby...

So we are flying to Boston in a week and a half because my talented husband qualified for the Boston Marathon! Anyone flown with a newborn, or traveled with them? What do we need to know? Pack? Has anyone been to Boston? Things to do? Would love suggestions!

And for a picture of my precious girl....

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  1. Sarah, Make sure your carry on bag has all the necessities for Georgia Grace!!! When we flew with Austin when he was a couple months old (oddly enough to Massachusetts too), there was a problem with our plane (before we got on), and it led to us being stuck in the Washington Dulles Airport for 9 hours!!! NOT fun! Bring a pacifier for her to suck on during take offs and landings to help with air pressure (or bottle), and whatever "toys or books" she likes. Planes don't allow much movement. An iPod with her type music might be helpful/soothing. Are you guys getting a seat for her or holding her? Congrats to Jesse, and goodluck on the trip!!!

  2. Aquarium, Freedom Trail, Mike's Pastries (in the North End), Duck tour or harbor cruise, swan boats, Ye olde oyster house, any italian restaurant in the north end, faneuil hall market, tour of red sox stadium, not sure about with a baby but the best way to get around the city in on the T (subway). It's clean and safe and quick. You can take the T into Boston from the airport or take a water taxi.

  3. I know you don't know me, my husband knows Jesse :) I found your blog from Holly's blog.

    We've flown lots with the kids. I would recommend that even if you don't have a seat for the baby that you ask if you can take your car seat on. If the flight is not full you can take your seat on even if you haven't purchased one. You might have to be a little persistent, but it is SO worth it. In the 20+ flights we've been on with kids only one time I wasn't able to take my seat on. You might have to wait until boarding time to ask again, but you'll be so happy you did!

    Also, I don't if you nurse, but I would nurse during take off and landing if you are able. And take tons of diapers, more than you think you'll ever need. Hand sanitizer and those diaper trash bags.

    I hope you have a great trip!

  4. Hey girl! the weekend went fairly well, I'm going to make a blog post sometime this week but here's our packing list:
    pack n play
    pump, 4-5 bottles, brush, soap (since my sister was watching the baby while I ran and when we went to the wedding)
    pack of diapers and wipes
    burp cloth
    1 sleep sack (we don't swaddle anymore)
    2-3 footed pajamas
    3 onesies
    4 outfits
    hat and jacket
    medical kit
    2 toys (she loves her plastic keys and sophie giraffe right now)

    she got fussy without her long morning nap, but she did fine when we started walking around, she went right to sleep. she slept through the night both nights in the pnp, but it was no fun having to tip toe around the hotel room at 7:30pm

    hope that helps! :)

  5. She can just stay here with me :)

  6. Have never flown with a baby but went to boston this summer...freedom trail walk is good but take your walking shoes, the ducks from the story make way for duckling is there, fenway park is awesome...and the duck boat tour was pretty good and informational. Other than that I was in meetings and sessions all day long. Have a great time.