Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day...

Sunday was my first Mother's Day! Let me begin by saying that being a mom is such a wonderful opportunity. I am so thankful that God has trusted me with one of his children. I have loved every minute of being Georgia Grace's mother and I look forward to watching this baby grow into a beautiful toddler, child, teenager, and adult!

Jesse made me chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then we went to Radius. It was such a wonderful service where we heard the testimony of a teenage/single mom. It was a great reminder on why I love Radius and the whole idea of blessing those in my own circle of life! After church, Jesse, Georgia Grace, and I went to Chili's where we had an awesome lunch and a dessert (which was free for all mom's!) After that we went to the mall and had a relaxing afternoon. We had reservations to have lunch with both of our mom's for dinner but plans fell through so we ended up just going to their houses to give them their cards/pictures (the perfect grandma gift!)

Georgia Grace (aka Jesse) wrote me this sweet letter for mother's day that told me she volunteered "dad" to do some of the things that I don't like to do (especially after a long day at work!) like washing bottles and bath time!

The note also said that I can get a massage and go on a weekend trip to a location of my choice...

Jesse claims that Georgia Grace forgot to put on there "within Lexington County!" (yeah right!)
I am still trying to brainstorm a good "weekend" getaway so suggestions are welcome!!!

I love my husband...he is always so creative and that letter that he spent time on is something I will treasure and show Georgia Grace when she is older. It means so much more to me than any "gift" that he could have purchased!

So here is a shot of my baby girl and me...and I absolutely love being her mommy!!!

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  1. your baby is soooo cute!! like her mom also.. i enjoyed reading ur blog as i'll also become a mother in dis coming November!!