Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Years Ago...

I married the man of my dreams...

Lots of things have changed in those five years...
Here are the top five changes:
1. My dad passed away

2. We got Ace
3. Jesse resigned from youth pastor and started Crossover
4. Princess had to be put to sleep

5. We had a baby girl
but some things have stayed the same...

1. We still live in the same house

2. I still teach at H. E. Corley

3. We still have wonderful support from our families

4. We still love traveling

5. We still think being married is fun
Looking forward to many more years...I love you, Jesse!


  1. This is the sweetest thing ever! Ya'll are so awesome together! God knew exactly what He was doing to bring your lives together :) Love you both! Happy Anniversary! -Sarah L.

  2. I just love this. I remember Micheal and I when we were at five gets better with age. I can see that with both of you also. Congrats! - Gabi M.

  3. Isn't it so crazy on how time flies by!