Sunday, July 3, 2011

Anniversary Trip...

Last week I spent 7 nights on this boat...
in this room...
with my favorite person...
my husband!

We had such a wonderful time doing some of our favorite things...laying out, going to the beach, running, sleeping, eating, shopping, and meeting new people!!

You may wonder how in the world we spent that long without our baby girl but we had her in great hands (plus I wrote out 8 pages of what Jesse would call "sub plans" with information for everyone who kept her!) She stayed with different people throughout the week so they never got tired of her and she was spoiled rotten, I'm sure!
(here we are, saying goodbye!)

It was tough to say goodbye to her the night before we left and as Amy pulled out of the driveway to spend the weekend with her I did shed a few tears knowing I would be so far away from her but I hadn't packed a thing for the cruise plus the Carolina baseball game went on FOREVER so I had lots to keep my mind off of leaving her. That Saturday morning we woke up at 2:30 and hit the road to get to Port Canaveral! We arrived there about 11 am and got on the ship about noon! It was AWESOME! It did start to rain that afternoon before we pulled out of the port but that didn't matter...we were so excited! Jesse had never been on a cruise before and so we went all over the ship that day looking at all there was to do and try to find our way around! After dinner we went to the laser light show...which wasn't all that good...but oh well!

The first day we were "at sea" heading to Mexico. We had the Captain's Dinner and so we got to dress up!

The second day we went to Cozumel, Mexico.

It was beautiful. We rented a can was a smart car....

and it was a convertible
(but before you laugh too much...we never had to fill the car back up with gas because it stayed on full the whole time!)

We drove to a beach first called Mr. Sanchos Beach Club. We enjoyed laying out by the clear water until it started POURING down rain! We waited out the rain and then it never let up so we decided to get in the car and start driving around the island we headed downtown. We drove around and saw the new Sam's club they were opening and saw some of the poverty in the city but then headed to see the Mayan least favorite part of the trip! First, we drove down this bumpy, terribly paved road in a SMART CAR forever...then it was POURING even worse....then it cost 8 dollars a person to get in...then mosquitoes starting biting me...we had to walk for what seemed like miles....I had on flip flops....we had to walk through lots of mushy water....with HUGE frogs....and more mosquitoes bit me...and there really were no ruins that were that impressive! Once we got back to the car we headed back down town to go shopping even though it started raining again. We went to a shopping center but lots of stores were closed (maybe because of the rain) and so we bought a magnet and headed back to return the car and get back on the ship! Cozumel was very pretty and I loved the beach but will not go to the Mayan ruins again! But since we paid 16 bucks here are some pictures from there!

The next day we went to Roatan which is an island of Honduras! We went to Tabyana Beach which was beautiful. The whole island was beautiful...lots of mountains, jungle, and beach! We spent the day by the ocean and fish would literally swim right up by your legs in the water. I am sure the snorkeling was great but I do not like snorkeling...just ask Jesse about me trying to snorkel in Hawaii for our honeymoon! Here are some pictures of Roatan!

The next day we went to Belize but since Jesse had just gone to Belize last April for a mission trip we decided to just chill on the boat and enjoy all it had to offer without all the crowds of people! We loved the adult only part of the boat called "Serenity" and they had comfy chairs and hammocks and a hot tub! Only thing that would have been better would be an adult only pool!

That afternoon we watched a movie on the big movie screen by the pool on the boat.

And we had a midnight buffet!
and this cool ice sculpture!

and fruit sculpture!

On Thursday our port was canceled because of Tropical Storm Arlene. We were supposed to go to Costa Maya, Mexico but it was too windy. That day we stayed "At Sea" and we tried to lay out on the boat but it was SOOOO windy! That night was another formal night where we got to dress up. Jesse sported his Carolina bow-tie since they won the National Championship again!

Friday was our last day "at sea" and we started really missing Georgia Grace! I guess we had been on the boat for a few days straight and the anticipation of seeing her was growing! We did have fun the last day just relaxing and sleeping a lot and of course EATING! We loved our table that we ate with each night.

Here is the "bar guy" that always had a coke waiting for me at my seat at dinner when I got there! I asked him if he would take a picture for me (I meant would he take a picture of the table) He thought I meant pose in a picture for me...ha!

Saturday morning we got up and got off the boat. We stopped in St. Augustine and went to the outlets and then headed home...we were so thankful to get home to our sweet baby girl!
Thanks to everyone that kept her while we were away! Ya'll are AWESOME!

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