Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Summer Time...

We had a fun-filled week last is a little of what we did...

Monday we went to the Peach Festival for the 4th of July!

Then Tuesday we enjoyed hanging out at home and playing...

Georgia Grace sure loves to do push-ups now during tummy-time!

And Georgia Grace continues to get better at holding her own bottle!

Wednesday Liam and Meg came over to swim!

Georgia Grace crashed when we got out! (Notice the 2 lovies in her arms and 2 pacis!)
Halle enjoyed the Boppy while Georgia Grace was in her crib!

On Thursday, Liam came over for the afternoon so his mom and dad could enjoy a date!

Liam and Georgia Grace had some fun together...

Liam enjoyed some of Georgia Grace's her shoes!

He also likes Ace!
Wonder if he tastes good?!
Liam and Georgia Grace were caught a little too close...

So Jesse had to have a little "heart to heart"
Do you remember this?

We really have to watch these two!


  1. she is gorgeous! i love the pictures of her with Liam - love birds!

  2. Hahaha! The first pic where GG is standing next to Liam, Ace is in the pic being the ever watchful big brother. And then when Liam is down on the floor with him, his face says "Aw mom...can't this monster go home!" And then he bites Ace. Hahaha!