Friday, September 23, 2011

8 Months...

Age: 8 months

Weight: ?

Length: ?

Head Circumference: ?

Health: Fine other than throwing up rice cereal

(it has happened 2 times a few hours after eating it)

possible allergy? digestion issues? who knows!!

Size clothes: 6 months

Size diapers: size 2

Eat: 6 times a day...mainly bottles...still nursing at bedtime or if the pump isn't around! She loves fruits, usually has 2 tubs...will eat some veggies if we sneak them in between bites of fruit! She will eat sweet potatoes though!

Sleeps: sometimes a few naps sometimes 1 nap...depends on what she does that day! Usually sleeps 10-12 hours at night

# of Wake ups at night: zero

Milestone: Sits up, Rocks, tries to crawl (takes a few movements and then falls!) and has her first tooth poking through on the bottom!

Disposition: Happy unless she is hurting from her teeth

Loves: her new jumper seat we got at the consignment sale for 20 bucks!

Doesn’t like: green veggies

Just learned: how to move around "semi crawling"

Smiles when: anyone looks at her or talks to her

Recent trips: NC to stay with Dave and Sharon, Athens, Ga for her first college football game, Irmo High for her first high school football game

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