Saturday, October 22, 2011

9 Months...

Age: 9 months

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz (21 %)

Length: 29 inches (92 %)

Head Circumference: 17.25 inches (49 %)

Health: Fine!

Size clothes: some 3-6 months, most 6 months, and some 9 months (just depends!)

Size diapers: size 2

Eat: Has cut down to milk about 5 times a day 4 bottles and nurse before bed (hopefully thats ok when we talk to the pediatrician!) and eats 3-4 foods (and she likes the veggies that are mixed with the fruit now!) We introduced her to yogurt too and she likes it! She also enjoys puffs, cheerios, crackers, and yogurt melts!

Sleeps: 1-2 naps and then sleeping is usually 10-12 hours

# of Wake ups at night: zero (most of the time she wakes up at 9 but occasionally it is earlier and sometimes it is later)

Milestone: Crawls, Pulls up on things (fridge, crib, chair, couch, etc), also has her 2nd tooth that just broke through and we haven't even had to give her tylenol this time! She didn't fuss at all, just a lot of drool one day so we felt in there and boom there it was!

Disposition: Happy unless over-tired!

Loves: the cool fall weather when the wind blows, to hang upside down, to feed herself (finger foods!), to chase Ace, to wave bye, to read books, to run with daddy every morning!

Doesn’t like: the meat baby foods (chicken and gravy, turkey, etc.)

Just learned: how to crawl

Smiles when: she sees mommy or daddy (when mommy gets home, or picking her up from the nursery at Gold's or Radius, or getting her from her crib) or when the wind blows while she is outside and she gets a chill...she LOVES that!

Recent trips: The Mall with Aunt Katelyn and Uncle Chance, , A Mini Camping Trip to hear daddy speak to youth, Mrs. Carter's Birthday Party, The SC State Fair, Liam's Birthday Party, and LOTS of trips to Crossover Flag Football!!


  1. Just read the little GG loves to run with her Daddy every morning! This wouldn't happen to be in the jogging stroller that we bought yall would it? :) :)

  2. YES it is the JOGGER! She def says THANK YOU in all of her babbling!!! :)