Monday, December 26, 2011

Baby's First Christmas...

Georgia Grace had a fabulous Christmas! She sure did rack up from the people that love her the most! Here is a picture of all of her goodies from EVERYONE! Mrs. Jeannette and Corey came over on Christmas Eve about lunch time and gave her a gift!
She LOVES it!

Then we went to see Mrs. Stacy and Mr. Toby and they gave her another gift!
They gave her one of these...SO CUTE!

Then it was time to celebrate Christmas with Jesse's family that night!

We ate some delicious food and then opened our gifts!
She got her first piano and the giraffe chair she was freaking out about at Walmart when we went!

Then we went to Big Daddy and Big Momma's house and got even more gifts a dog, a book, some precious clothes, and DIAPERS!!

Georgia Grace fell asleep on the way home!

We put her straight to bed so Santa could come!

We left him a plate full of cookies and he ate every last crumb!

The next morning Georgia Grace woke up about 8:45 and Jesse gave her a COOKIE for breakfast!

(He had made her a huge cookie with the left over dough when we made cookies and then put her initials in it with M&M's!)

(She didn't eat the whole thing!)
After that we took her to see all of her new goodies!

And she DOVE out of Daddy's arms!

Santa brought her a tiger ball pit, a baby stroller walker, and a zebra back pack! He also filled her stocking with lots of goodies like some sippy cups, pacis, a snack holder, some stacking cups, an iphone APPtivity case to protect mommy's phone from baby drool, and a MINNIE mouse (She FREAKED over Minnie when we went to Disney in August!)

After Georgia Grace played for a while she took her morning nap.

When she woke up she just wanted to play some more!

Jesse's parents came over about 1:15 to see what Santa brought and then it was time to head to Jesse's Aunts house for Christmas lunch where she LOVED the rocking horse they had!!

That night we had Christmas dinner at our house!

It was delicious and we had a great day!

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