Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ho Ho Ho...

So, everyone saw yesterday that in Gatlinburg Georgia Grace was fine with Santa. She wasn't necessarily loving it but she certainly wasn't hating it....WEEEEEEEEEELL maybe she likes the Tennessee Santa better than the SC one!


I will say that this Santa was A.MAY.ZING. He gave her plenty of time to calm down and had us walk around again, etc. I recommend everyone to go to the Dutch Square Mall (Yes, it still exists!) because they let you take your own pictures, spend lots of time with you, and still give you a candy cane when you're done! Plus no long line...just a couple people at a time! (We stood in line twice to see if she liked it better the second time!)

Take 2
You want me to see that guy, again...?!?!
I don't think so!

We will def be going back to try again next year!

After we went to see Santa we took Georgia Grace to CiCi's for the first time! She LOVED pizza!

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