Saturday, January 21, 2012

12 Months...

Age: 12 months

Weight:19 lbs (40th %)

Length:29 1/4 inches (53rd %)

Head Circumference: 18 inches (72%)

Health:Unfortunately in the last 2 weeks she has had her first 2 sick visits.  Roseola virus 2 weeks ago and then Croupe this past week.  When she had roseola she had a fever for 3 days and then a crazy rash started on her tummy.  She took tylenol and advil for the fever.  For croupe she has been given a steroid (prednisone)  Dr. Joey says she has clear ears and a clear chest even with croupe. (At her 1 year appt Dr. Joey put her on Amoxicilian for an ear infection he discovered at her well check)

Size clothes: mainly 9 months some 6 months and some 12 months

Size diapers: size 2

Eat: she eats whatever we have - she doesn't take baby food anymore - we are hoping to get the go ahead to start whole milk on Monday.  She has still been getting bottles from me.

Sleeps: 2 naps (morning and afternoon) and then sleeping is usually 10-12 hours

# of Wake ups at night: 0 (so thankful she even slept through the night when she has been sick)

Milestone:Turned 1 today!!!!  Ate some cake and LOVED it!

Disposition: Happy unless over-tired or sick or woken up

Loves: dance, play, the iphone or ipad

Doesn’t like: being sick

Just learned: what birthday cake tastes like

Smiles: often

Recent trips: Well, we tried to go to Myrtle Beach but the car died so we ended up going car shopping for 2 days! 

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