Thursday, March 8, 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar Party...

I know this is SUPER SUPER SUPER LATE but since we made the pregnancy announcement I have been letting my pictures and post ideas just "pile up" since I am trying to balance this wife, mom, and teacher gig...along with 2nd pregnancy.  BUUUT Here are some pictures from Georgia Grace's 1st Birthday Party! 

I had such a great time making things for her party and we actually spent VERY little money which made the husband happy! 

Thank you to my college friend Stephanie for cutting out letters on her Cricut! 

Unfortunately Georgia Grace had to be woken up from her morning nap that day at 1:40 because her party started at 2...who knew she would sleep forever that day!

She was a little fussy at first but once she had a bottle and she saw all of her friends arriving she started to have fun!
 She sure does love Liam, Ella Ray, and Peyton!  They are all 1 and they all go to Radius!  They are so cute together and we can't wait to watch them grow up!

Of course the best part of a 1st birthday party is seeing the child eat CAKE!
Georgia Grace LOVED it!  
Jesse's grandmother (Nana) made her smash cake which was the head of the caterpillar!  It. Was. Precious.

Thank you to all of our family and friends that came to celebrate!  

We had such a wonderful day!

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