Thursday, July 19, 2012

May Recap...

Ok, my goal is to have this blog caught up by the time Baby #2 arrives...not a promise but a goal!

May was a blast!

Lots of eating, sleeping, reading, and playing...and she figured out that she likes TV! 

We had the crossover flag football end of the season banquet...

And the tournament that weekend...

Then we celebrated Thomas' birthday 

And then for Mother's Day we went to Charlotte to eat at the cheesecake factory! (My FAVE!) and Georgia Grace gave me a membership to the zoo!


She loved the water fountain that was in front of the Cheesecake Factory!

We went to the family fun night at the zoo where she got to ride the carousel for free and feed the birds and goats!


Georgia Grace LOVES swimming!  
We set up her ball pit as a little pool while daddy washed the car one day! 

At the end of May Georgia Grace helped mommy finish up her classroom. (all setup for August since Graham is coming!) She enjoyed playing on the playground the most! 

We went to the park...her favorite thing to do is the swing!  
Which she L-O-V-E-D her swing as a tiny baby!

We also celebrated Wells' birthday!

We finished off the month with having a memorial day lunch at the Palmetto Cafe! This is Georgia Grace's absolute favorite restaurant because she can get all the cookies and poundcake she wants from her grandma! Not to mention the bar-b-q chicken and pasta salad that she loves!

Then we went home and enjoyed our pool in the backyard and a homemade apple pie! 

Man, May was a fun-filled month!

This month she started sleeping with her seahorse that plays music. She also started talking a lot more...saying Ace as her definite first was just "Aaaa" and now it is "Asssh" sometimes can even sound like a bad word!  She also clearly says Daddy and only really says momma when she is sad, upset, or frustrated!  Her receptive language is awesome though - she will go put her clothes in the "dirty clothes" hamper if you tell her to and she will throw things in the trash.  When you tell her its "night night" she will go get her green paci (her night night paci) and lay her head down.

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