Tuesday, August 7, 2012

June Recap...

June was an awesome month! We got to do so many fun things since I was out of school! Check out all of the pics...


Edventure with Nana

 The Park with Liam

The Library

The Zoo

 And just lounging around at the house

And watching some TV

And making some sweet treats

We also celebrated Fathers Day with Daddy by swimming in the pool and eating dinner at his favorite restaurant, California Dreaming!

 (Georgia Grace does love our big pool but we were trying to keep her in the shade on that 100+ degree day!)

And Georgia Grace got some of her favorite foods Palmetto Cafe and Jason's Deli!  

 We had some fun times at Radius helping with Kids Camp for a week!

And they always had yummy lunch!

But after eating all that food, Georgia Grace LOVES to brush her teeth...I should say she is OBSESSED!  If she sees a toothbrush it is going in her mouth.  

And here is a pic of my belly in June...growing bigger!

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