Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Recap...

August was a wonderful month...mainly filled with BABIES!  

Remember my college friends that were pregnant along side with me...

well welcome to the world

Knox William Harmon

And Caroline Elizabeth Westbrook

    And Graham Chase Harmon

All three babies were welcomed into the world during the month of August and all 3 babies are healthy and so are their mommas!  

Here are some other fun events of August...

Georgia Grace helped mommy get ready for her new kindergarten class...can't believe it's already my 9th!

Kindergarten is HARD WORK!

We went to the zoo with Peyton and Miss Tracy...

We had a surprise party for daddy's 30th birthday and then got milkshakes...

I sure do love my family!

Then we went to the Colonial Center to meet some of the Carolina Players...

 Someone wasn't quite a fan of cocky!



But she did like the M & Ms from yumilicious!

 Then mommy and daddy went to Melting Pot on daddy's actual 30th birthday! YUM!

The day before Graham's arrival daddy let mommy get a pedicure
 And Georgia Grace got to pick out her own food for the day...her pick...cheese balls!
 Then Mommy and Daddy went to eat at California Dreaming where mommy got her fave KEY LIME PIE!
 And here is the LAST pregnancy picture the night before Graham was born!
 Then it was time to get prepped for the c-section
 And daddy had to get ready too!
Then we got to go home on Saturday, August 25th
And Georgia Grace came home on August 26th...
LOVING her new baby brother!

 And to end the month we had some friends over to watch the gamecocks play!

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