Thursday, November 1, 2012

September Recap...(the first half!)

Finally...a recap of the FIRST half of SEPTEMBER!

Basically we became adjusted to a family of 4
(because lets face it...Ace is mainly forgotten about these days!)

This was the first time both babies fell asleep on me...I had to take the picture myself (cause daddy wasn't home) but it just made me feel so so blessed that God is allowing me to be a mommy to both of these innocent children.  

Here are several pictures of lil man sleeping...he pretty much did that the entire month...

We went to walmart for the first time with both kids...we realized that you have no room in the cart with both of them...guess we won't be buying much when we have two!  
Graham went to church when he was 1 week read that right...he was there to see his pic on the screen to introduce him to the church...(mommy just needed to get out of the house for a few hours!) 

The next day was Labor Day and we actually went to publix that day!

Thankfully this summer we purchased a new to us slide/basketball goal combo for Georgia Grace for 20 bucks and she has really enjoyed it while she has had to share attention now with her baby brother.  

 Just watching the two of them try to figure out who the other is just melts my heart!

 Lazy mornings in our pajamas are some of our favorite times around here!

The ipad has also been a lifesaver especially during Graham's feedings!

The day after Graham turned 2 weeks mommy could finally drive!  WOO HOO!  
She decided to take both kiddos to the park! 

Such loving Big sis to her Lil bro!

That weekend was the start of flag football...

Here is Georgia Grace last fall season...

and here she is now!

Such a big girl!

Graham had his 2 week appointment that next Monday!  

He was healthy and had already gained up to 8 lbs and 22 inches long
and 14 inches head circumference!

Check out baby girls FIRST ponytail!!  It didn't last long...but I got her to finally let me do it by distracting her with crayons!

That night we took Graham to his first Shealy's experience!  (no pics though!) 

But check out this precious picture of Georgia Grace loving on the teddy bear my dad gave me the last valentine's day he was alive (my first year married!) It just melts my heart!

The next day I took both kiddos to Edventure and Graham got his first bottle! 
I started pumping within the first week of coming home with him but didn't actually give him a bottle until I got the go ahead from the pediatrician!  He did pretty good with it and took it fine from me!

That Wednesday GG and Liam got to play at the park together...and then Jude and Graham just laid in the sun! 

Look at these awesome pics Meg took from her GOOD camera - not iPhone!

And Big sis gave Lil bro a bottle! Such a sweet Instagram!

on Thursday we went to lunch with Katie and Knox and went to see their new house! 
Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of that but lil man did turn 3 weeks! 

Friday we met Lauren and Hannah at the zoo! We had a blast!

Graham slept pretty much the whole time!

 Then we met daddy for lunch downtown

The next day (September 15th) we took both kiddos to see the bulldogs play!
Yep...Graham went out of state for the first time at 3 weeks old and attended a college football game...I will add those pictures to the next post...promise! 

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