Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's a GIRL...

Part 1: The reveal of the surprise!

Jesse told me a few weeks ago that he had something planned for us to do on Friday, July 30th. It is not unusual for him to do a cool little surprise like a day trip somewhere or something and our vacation plans that we had for the summer fell through since I had been sick so much and then busy with Crossover and Radius I just knew in my mind we were going somewhere. I thought maybe to look at baby stuff (because the room I am doing is gender neutral anyway) or something like that.

Anyway, earlier this week my friend Meg sent me a text asking if Jesse and I would like to check out some craft thing going on at Sandhills after breakfast with she and her husband, Joe...I told her that I would talk to Jesse but that I thought we had some plans that day. Anyway, Jesse said sure we can do that. So we met Joe and Meg at Atlanta Bread Company. We each ordered our breakfast...I had a chocolate croissant and a bagel (I am eating for 2 and trying to gain some weight...Dr's orders!) and they each had a bagel.

Well, we sat down, said the blessing, and then starting eating. Meg was sitting across from me and asked about our Dr appointment that we had on Thursday and then asked, "when will you get to find out what it is?" and I said, "August 26th" (that's our ultrasound/20 week appointment that we just scheduled) and then Jesse chimed in and said, "actually we are going in about 30 minutes!" I said "For real?!" and Meg caught it all on video!

Part 2: The reveal of the gender!

So all 4 of us got in our car and rode out (near Village at Sandhills) and go to Wee See Imaging! So, we went in and then waited...

and then we got to have the ultrasound..

and then we found out IT'S A GIRL...

and Jesse said "Oh, no!" It was HILARIOUS!

Then I asked the lady, "are you sure it's not that the parts aren't in yet" and she assured me no...

Evidently the little bean (that's what we have been calling her) was curled up in a ball when we first started so the technician kept shaking my belly trying to get her to wake up and move! She was sitting with her legs crossed (very proper for a girl) until finally she got tired of the shaking!

Jesse has actually been very determined it was a girl the entire time...until Thursday when we went to the doctor. The nurse at the OB couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler (at 12 weeks they found it in like 20 seconds!) Anyway, yesterday she finally found it (after 5 minutes pressing on my stomach!) but it sounded nothing like when we heard it at 8 weeks or 12 weeks, so I was a little concerned. She claimed it was 140 but the first time it was 152 bpm (8 wks) and then last time it was 170 bpm (12 wks) so I thought that 140 seemed pretty low, especially cause this time it didn't even sound the same as it had before. Anyway, we thought with the lower heart rate that maybe it was a boy...however, at the WEE SEE ultrasound place the heart rate was 158 bpm so I think something was just up with that lady yesterday with the Doppler.

So, after we left the ultrasound we went to Village at Sandhills and went shopping! I found a cute outfit from The Children's Place for our baby girl for next summer. It was only 6 bucks! I love end of the season shopping (It says "I'm Kind Of A Big Deal Around Here")!! Oh, and I found this cute animal print/monogrammed lunch tote thing that I will probably use for bottles! It was on clearance too!

Our parents are so excited about having a granddaughter...we went to both of their houses Friday night and showed them the pictures and the DVD we got of the ultrasound!

So now...let the shopping begin!

Oh and her name...Georgia Grace Harmon...We tried for a while to come up with a name that was after my dad for either a boy or girl...his name was David Leroy...well he wasn't a fan of his middle name and swore it was pronounced "Lu-roy" (u pronounced like the u in umbrella) and NOT "LEE-roy" so I couldn't really do "Leigh". My maiden name was Starkey and we thought that "Starr" would be a good name if we wanted her to work the streets (sorry if that is your name!) so then Jesse suggested the name "Georgia" because my dad was from there, then went to UGA and was a DIE-hard fan (like me!). I liked it and then started trying to figure out a middle name to see, I have this obsession with monograms...and my name was Sarah Elizabeth Starkey growing up so my monogram was SSE...well now my name is Sarah Starkey Harmon so it's SHS. I love how my monogram now is symmetrical on both sides (it used to bother me when I was younger that the S for Sarah touched the S for Starkey and the E just seemed so random in the monogram! Soooo...I wanted my girl to have that I figured that she can if I have her 1st and middle name start with the same letter...well there aren't too many G names for girls...Greta, Gretchen, Gertrude, Ginger, Grace, Gabriella, Gail, we really fell in love with Georgia much that we are going to call her both names!!


  1. CONGRATS. That is awesome. Let the shopping begin! Once you know the sex, everything you will want, ha. Also, I love the name and what it stands for. My father is very sick and living in a nursing home. We wanted to dedicate Christian in his honor as well because we know that Christian will not really get a chance to know his granddaddy. So, my madian name was Bailey and we named him Christian Bailey Spivey. I know that your father is looking down on you and loving this wonderful girl and smiling with honor.

  2. Aww, thanks so much...can't wait to shop for her, and get something cute and monogrammed! I hate to hear that about your dad...I know it's tough...I will be praying for you and him and your fam. :)

  3. Congrats guys! I didn't think you could even know the sex until 20 weeks. That's awesome! Love the name too! SO CUTE! Can't wait to meet her!

  4. What a great surprise from your husband!! Love the name Georgia Grace especially because my name is Georgia! Perfect!