Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attention moms and soon-to-be moms!!

My college friends are planning a shower in October so I guess I better get busy and decide on all the things to register for! I need all of you moms and soon to be moms who have already registered and gone through this to let me know exactly what I need to get! What specific brands or items do I definitely need...and also let me know what is a waste to register for... I look forward to reading your answers!!!


  1. Diaper wipes warmer is a definite NO!!!!! God gave you hands to warm the wipes if you feel the need.

  2. my neices love the video baby monitor.

  3. ok...mine are now 4 and 2, but here are a few things I couldn't have done w/out
    1) Little Swaddler wraps- They r easier to use than swaddling blankets and fussy babies cannot get out of them...both my girls had fussy tummies, and only swaddling them would help them sleep...It also helps prevent them from knocking their passies out at night...during precious sleep time for mommy and daddy.
    2) Only register for starter bottle kits...I registered for certain bottles, and lots of them.... then come to find out...each baby does well on different bottles depending on their tummies (reflux, gas, etc.) You will find out in a few weeks which bottles work best on your babe for formula or for supplementing breast milk.
    3) SWINGS- one for home, a portable one for g-ma's or vacation, etc. BOTH my girls LOVED to swing and when Avery had reflux, sometimes it was the only way she could sleep b/c it kept her upright a bit.
    4)Bumbo's w/the tray- These weren't around until my second...and MAN did I love helps them learn to sit up, and even before they can do it on their own, you can sit them up and put toys on the tray...I also used mine in the bathtub when Avery was too little to sit up in the tub, but too big for the baby bath. It keeps them up so you can use your hands to bathe. :-)Great item!
    3) Lots of lovie and night-time books...bedtime routines are really miracle workers...warm baths, bedtime lotion, and sweet lovie books make for a HAPPY night's rest...ESP for toddlers!! Karen Katz has good ones (Counting Kisses), Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I love you, etc...
    4) Mylecon- great med for gas!! People now say that it isn't good or not to use it, but I used it with BOTH my girls and it works wonders, even on tiny babies, for gas and upset tummies. You can even put some in the bottle...although that advice changes monthly I
    5) Register for some of each brand of diaper...I registered for only Pampers with my second (cause I used them w/ my first)...and then she had a reaction to Pampers..SO can always switch them out, but it is always good to have some others on hand. Also, depending on your baby's shape or sex, Huggies might be better than Pampers or vice-versa.
    6)I got one of those chair-top high chairs...I used it more than my actual high-chair...babies like to be at the table w/everyone..and you can un-hook it and take it w/ you out-of-town, etc...
    7)I wouldn't register for a pack-n-play AND a bassinet...I mean... the pack-n-play's now have that bassinet thingy on top...both our girls slept in that and then went straight to their cribs.
    8) BOUNCY SEATS....the little vibrating bouncy seats are great...easy to move from room to room, holds them upright, calms them down, etc...I used to just keep mine in whatever room I was in so the baby could hear me...they also perfectly hold a swaddled baby :-)

    Just a few ideas...GOOD LUCK...being a mommmy is sooo rewarding even though some days it is exhuausting! CONGRATS!

  4. SORRY!! That long post was from me...accidentally posted as anonymous!!

    MELANIE :-)

  5. 1. Palmers tummy butter! Love the stuff.
    2. Also, ask for a thermometer that has multiple tips. That way you can switch the tips and you will for sure know the diff. between oral, booty, and under arm thermometer. It's a pain to have two or three idividual ones.
    3. The diaper trash bins are good but Jesse can't forget to change them!
    4. Newborn hand mits so she wont scratch her face.
    5. Many packages of diapers. Specify you would like various sizes from newborn to the next couple sizes up. It's nice not to have to spend extra moolah on diapers.
    5. Baby wipes.
    6. baby tub/ washcloths, towel(only a couple)
    7. passies/ask for a few packs. My girls loved throwing them on the ground. Please don't be the mom who picks up the passie off the gross ground, puts it in your mouth then puts it back in your babies mouth. That is the grosses thing! who knows what you just put in your mouth. Think about it.
    8. small toys that are colorful but can be attatched to the car seat handle. Babies love to stare at bright colors. They seem to like black and white.
    9. super cute onsies. Again newborn and 0-3 months.
    10. socks
    11. Cute hat 'cause it's going to be chilly in January. :)
    12. Baby monitors are nice. Get one that you are able to clip to you hip...that way you could carry it around just in case you had to do stuff around the house.
    13. baby grooming kit
    14. baby sampoo
    15. baby lotion. You will learn which brand you like best once you start using them.
    16. burp cloths
    17. swaddling blankets, the ones where you can velcro tightly work well. Otherwise you'll need to ask the nurse to teach you how to suggly swaddle your baby. they will be more than happy to teach you.
    18. Don't buy expensive baby shoes. cute but useless. If baby needs feet to be covered, just use a blanket.
    19. for sure, ask for a travel type diaper changing pad
    20. I never used baby powder. Petrolium jelly works awesome to protect baby's tushy from ickies.
    21. some comfy pants just for chilling
    22. super cute outfits for going out. :)
    23. the car window screen. Do not get the one that static clings to the window. they fall off a lot. get the one with sucktion cups.
    24. you may need bottles but I reccomend that you buy a couple and choose that on your own. each baby has their own special needs in those areas.
    ...sincerely, Chrystal Creswell... but wait there's more, i had to do this in two posts. :)

  6. ...Ok I'm back with the rest...

    25. also, keep two frozen bags of peas. Your chest will be sore till you get use to the new you. LOL! I'm not kidding. I know it sounds silly but they conform to your body and cover all the sore areas all at once. :)
    26. ask for a grocery seat cover. they come in super cute colors and styles. target, babies r us, and Burlington coat factory usually have cute ones.
    27. Lysol wipes are nice for cleaning up messy diaper changing pads.
    28. extra crib matress covers.
    29. waterproof crib matts to put under the matress cover.
    30. a plushy rocking chair is nice. I never had one for eden but got one with Olivia...super nice to have. If you get one get one with the rocking foot rest. gates :)

    Besides all these things, there are many other things that you will learn what works best for you. I hope some of this stuff will help you out. With specific brands of clothing, bottles, formula, wipes, diapers,etc. it's all up to you. You will live and learn with the diapers. Some will work and some wont. for newborns I used the pampers swaddlers. Anyways, I'm excited for you and Jesse. Once your little girl is born, you will never be able to imagine what your lives would be like without her. :) I do suggest that you get as much sleep as you can before the baby is born cause you won't have much of it for the next few months.

    Also request some things just for you. Warm fuzzy socks, yummy body wash and lotion, a new CD to relax to, whatever makes you feel pretty and girly for after the baby is born. You will be surprised how much simple things can make you fell a little better.

    Most of all, ask for a fun night out with your closest girlfriends a little before you are due. They will come and visit most likely but there will be many times you don't want anyone to visit at all just from you being tired.

    I'm sure there's stuff I forgot...but like I said, I'm super excited for you both! :)

    Chrystal Creswell

  7. lol! Ok...just read over what I posted and obviously I can't spell this late at night. ...anyways... don't get stressed out about what all to ask for. Everything will be fine. ~CC

  8. Get the book, "Baby Bargains" -- ours was the 2009 version, sure they have the 2010 version. It rates EVERYTHING and tells you what is necessary and not. Makes registering SO MUCH easier!!!

  9. My opinion best high chair Ikea makes one that pushes up to the table, take up next to no space and is so easy to clean. Super affordable as well. Someone may need to take a day trip to Charlotte or order on line but I promise you will love it! See the $19.99 one.

  10. Sarah- First, CONGRATULATIONS!! You're gonna be an awesome mom! I absolutely had to comment here because there were only 2 things I couldn't live without. (Lots of other VERY helpful things have already been mentioned!).
    First is the Belly Hugger, an absolute 'must' if you're planning on nursing.
    It can be used during the rest of your pregnancy, and do a super-awesome job of helping you maintain privacy while nursing...wherever you are.
    The second thing is a baby sling. Before he was big enough to do much of anything,and I still had to run errands or do housework, Hunter would snuggle down in the sling and be just as happy as a lark! Especially helpful when strangers wanna put their grubby hands all over lil Georgia Grace! ;) Here's the best part- it made tailgating and going to football games SO much easier! Hunter sat in one until he was about 2 at many SEC fields. LOL You can find them anywhere online, or if you have a crafty friend who can make you one in black/red zebra print..hint hint. :)
    Good luck! And congrats again <3

  11. Oops, have to add a side note...
    I tried both the ring-sling and the other kinds and found that there was too much to mess with when using the ring-sling. was where I got mine, loved the fabric and like I said, we used it for AGES!

  12. are my suggestions. I must preface this with the statement that no two babies are alike...they all like different things and what worked for my baby may not work for yours. They all have their own likes and dislikes. Also, I am sure other Mom's would disagree with me about some of the items. But, here is the list of my must have's and don't needs:

    Must haves:
    -Pack and play (get 2- 1 to keep in your room and 1 to travel with, get them with a changing table built in)
    -Fisher Price space saver high chair (It attaches to your regular chair and grows with them and does not take up any additional room in your kitchen)
    -Swing and/or bouncy seat (Wells lived in her swing and was in her bouncy seat maybe twice)
    -Boppy pillow (Take this with you to the hospital!)
    -Bottles (even if you are breastfeeding you need bottles- Dr. Browns worked best for you but I would suggest getting several different kinds because each baby has their own preference. We went through what seemed like a million before we found the right one)
    -Plain white burp cloths (You will use a ton of them!)
    -Small blankets for swaddling
    -Pampers diapers and wipes (You earn free stuff with the points)
    -Aquaphor ointment (Only thing that worked for diaper rash and great for rashes and cuts)
    -First aid kit (Nail clipper, hair brush)
    -Aspirator and Thermometer (You will get both of these at the hospital...keep them! And, get a couple of extra thermometers. You will need one that you just use for a retal temp....keep it labeled)
    -Lots of bibs
    -Mylacon gas drops (gets lots of bottles!)
    -Baby towels and washcloths
    -Simple baby bath tub
    -Exersaucer (You will use this later...but I wish I had put on on my registry..she will live in in when she is ab 6 months old)
    -Activity mat (Put them on that from day's great to help them with development. Get a nice one. I wish I had registered for one.)
    -Baby Bijorn (sp?) carrier
    -Jogger stroller along with a stroller to snap in your carrier...seems like a lot but, you will use both.
    -Lots of NB and 1-3 month longsleeve pajamas with feet (She will only wear this for about 3 mnths)
    -Caps to keep her head warm
    -Changing mats (about 10 of them)
    -Waterproof mattress cover
    -3-4 fitted mattress sheets and 2-3 pack and play fitted sheets
    -Grocery cart/Highchair cover
    -Baby monitor
    -Diaper Genie and refills
    -Body wash and shampoo in one (target has a great brand)
    -Bumbo chair
    -Baby einstein dvds
    -bath seat (when they can sit up)
    -bottle drying rack
    -bottle warmer
    -diaper bag
    -travel formula dispenser
    -bottle cleaning brushes
    -rocking chair
    -Car seat that is also a carrier (Get one that will snap into a stroller- We used Chicco...loved it!)

    Don't need:
    -breast feeding cover (just use a blanket)
    -changing table
    -wipe warmer
    -car mirror or toy for baby (it's a danger to use in the car with a baby)

    I'll let you know other things as I think of's seems like so long ago. Good luck shopping! It's so much fun...don't be to overwelmed. Babies R Us will give you a list that you can use as a guide.