Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And the husband is off...

driving out to Las Vegas first to pick up Tony and then this weekend heading to San Fransico where they will start biking across the US next Tuesday...
It is so exciting, but I already miss him and he has been gone for a total of an hour HA! It's just that empty feeling knowing that he is gone. Anyway, be in prayer as he (and Dave and Tony) embark on this adventure and as we are apart until November!

On another note...We went to our 6 month OB check up this afternoon and I got a flu shot. They weighed me, measured me, heard Georgia Grace's heartbeat (160) and said everything is GREAT! I am going to go next weekend to get my glucola test...can't wait to drink that orange drink...ha! Good news is that I did gain weight!

Jesse Already called me from the truck through skype! YAY for web cams and wireless internet!
I love you, baby!

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