Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Classes...

Jesse and I are so glad that he is back and done with his bike trip but now the reality has set in that we will have a baby in 2 months or less! We went to the doctor on Wednesday for a check-up and all seems great. We go back the day before Thanksgiving and hope that all is still on track! On Thursday, we took a class at the hospital with our friends Ashley and Steven. It was a little awkward in the class because it was all about breastfeeding but it was very informational. I was a little nervous going into it but felt ok when we got done. Yesterday we took the birthing class and tour of the hospital...I wasn't nervous before that, but now I am a little freaked out about this whole process! Where are these classes in high school?! I guarantee you that the teen pregnancy rate would drop if people actually had to see this whole thing. I mean, the process is miraculous of a baby but it certainly is no easy task to get the baby here! Jesse and I are excited about her coming but also need to do a lot before her arrival! Luckily there is no talk about her coming early or anything so we should have plenty of did freak me out when my mom reminded me that I came 8 weeks early and she wasn't expecting that...I will be 32 weeks on we really have a little bit we need to prepare for...
  1. Buy some clear detergent to wash baby stuff
  2. Pack a bag for the hospital
  3. Buy a car seat
  4. Buy a pack and play
Please leave me a comment of anything that I need to know about breastfeeding or birth...My plan is to get an epidural once I am able to...but I am pretty nervous about the process!


  1. My best advice would be don't get induced unless you have to. I was induced with both kids and my labor was 28 hrs and 40 hrs. Also Lexington has doulas and I had Vickie Tedder with my first child. She is wonderful and I think everyone should get a doula with their first. I knew exactly what to expect and she was able to correspond with my nurses when I couldn't.

  2. Carol Kenyon is still a doula at Lexington... I think! How precious and calm would you feel with her there!? By the way... you are going to do GREAT!!!! You have a large team of people ready to help with whatever! I don't have any children, but my best advice is to trust in Christ, that He has prepared you for this journey you're on and He has given you everything you need in order to do this. :) I love ya girl! Can't wait to meet Georgia Grace... but not too soon!!!

  3. My advice would be to ask a lactation consultant to be in the room the very first time you nurse to make sure you are doing it right. While it may seem like its something that comes naturally, there is a method to it, and making sure she's latched correctly early on will save you on unnecessary pain later!

  4. Breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever done! It only lasted 6 weeks for me and I had to supplement, but I'm glad I got at least that. I will definitely try again with (God willing) my next child. I pretty much used the lactation consultant or nurse for every feeding to help attach him correctly, etc. USE THEM! That is what they are there for. Breastfeeding is a very personal decision and if it doesn't work out don't beat yourself up -- I've had to learn that in my situation. I felt like such a failure.
    Also, I ended up having to have an unexpected C section so I would be prepared for anything. I had a great experience at Lexington and could go on and on with anything you wanted to know. So...if you have any questions or want to know anything more just send me a message!

  5. Medela makes some cooling pads for breastfeeding and those were the best thing I had when Colin was born. The pads last for about a day or two. They give them to you at the hospital so keep asking for them. We probably stocked up on about 20 by the time we left.
    Also, make sure you have some lanolin. I am still using it 6 months later. I really liked the Lansinoh and it only takes a little bit so it lasts for a long him. Again, they will give you small tubes in the hospital - which are great to stock up on and keep in your diaper bag.
    Good luck with everything! We had a wonderful experience at Lexington!