Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions...

This will be the 10th Christmas that Jesse and I have celebrated together!
I can't believe it!

December 23rd has been the day we "celebrate" Christmas since 2001! You may wonder why...and it is because way back in the day (our first Christmas together) Jesse had a video, yes, a VHS...that you put into a VCR made with our pictures from the first 6 months of us dating. It was really sweet...had Bebo Norman's "A Page is Turned" as the background music and at the end of the video it said I love you! Really great gift...but I think he didn't want my family or his family to see it all so he wanted to give it to me on the 23rd. Since both of our families are right here in town (Columbia/Lexington) we stay pretty busy on the Christmas Eve and Day so it has worked out well for us to go have a nice date night and exchange gifts...and we have just continued the tradition since we have been married. This will be our last "Christmas" without a child so I am looking forward to tonight!

Last night, as we were eating dinner we were reminiscing about all the gifts we have exchanged...some years we have had more money to spend, etc. but it was cool to look back are the ones I can definitely remember...

2001 - VHS video of our first 6 months together!2002 - Georgia SEC Championship sweatshirt and a Bible to read through in a year

2003 - Did not exchange gifts because we had just gotten back together on the 21st!

2004 - Georgia football jersey with STARKEY (my maiden name) on the back

2005 - Night out on the town complete with limo ride, looking at Christmas lights, and dinner!
2006 - Puzzle without a box that I had to put together to figure out where we would be vacationing... it was TIME SQUARE :) We went the day after Christmas for New Years!

2007 - Digital picture frame with our first year and half of marriage photos and all our trips...Hawaii, Orlando, NYC, Vegas, & Cancun :) and a sweet book about dads and daughters since it was my first Christmas without my daddy

2008 - I got the shoes I wanted (Clarks) and a trip to San Francisco (from Santa!)
2009 - New cell phone, and some other little things :)
2010 - I will find out tonight...

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  1. I hope he didn't make you put that whole puzzle together to figure out where you were going!!! Enjoy your last childless Christmas, but I can promise you'll love Christmas even more with your sweet little one next year (and so will the grandparents!)!!!