Saturday, December 18, 2010

Packing the Bags... that school is out for Christmas break I have a to do list...

We definitely need to install the car seat...but another big thing to do is pack the bags for the hospital...mine, Jesse's, and Georgia Grace's.

Can you momma's give me some insight on things that I definitely don't want to forget!?

What did you all bring to wear in the hospital after delivery? What did you bring to wear home from the hospital? Do I need something fancy for her to wear home? I would love to hear all of your opinions!!



  1. Sarah, Bring some comfy clothes for you (maternity pants/top). Your belly will be lots smaller, but still not ready for your normal clothes. I wore a cute outfit home for the pictures! Some comfy fuzzy toe socks or slippers (they made me walk during labor to help speed things along) and you can't walk barefoot and you won't want shoes! For the baby pack some one piece outfits that are warm and easy to get into for the frequent changings and of course, a cute outfit to come home in/hospital pics! I didn't bring the boppy to the hospital bc we weren't there for too long! You'll have enough to lug home when you go!! Enjoy your last few weeks!!!

  2. I actually wore the hospital gown for the most part. It was easy to unsnap when nursing. I did bring some maternity yoga pants and tops though. The boppy came with us, but I mostly just used the pillows. You'll have plenty of them! Also, I did a sleep sack/gown for Warner to come home in. Hang in there-almost time!! :)

  3. Um... Anything that feels good. The hospital gowns are a blessing because they are easy to get undone and back up. Everything south of the belly button feels... well.. not good, so just bring the stretchy maternity pants with a cute top. The baby will need a cute outfit as well as a cute blanket or something for a backdrop for pictures (don't want the hospital sheets in the memories). Bring hats and socks for baby (especially for the hands if her nails are long). Try not to over pack, I didn't use any of my luggage (went home in the same clothes I wore in). It is going to be so much fun, enjoy it!