Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well labor for me was a long road...but we are completely in LOVE with the end result!

I really didn't want to be induced so after we had been to the doctor for our 40 week check-up I was pretty bummed to still only be dilated 2 cm (since I had been for several weeks!). I knew that I could go to one more appointment but would have to be induced before I hit 42 weeks. They had told me at week 39 that I would come in and have an ultrasound the next week and could be induced on January 24th if she hadn't come on her own. I knew for sure she would have to come..that was 10 days late so that gave her plenty of time to initiate labor!

Well, on Monday, January 17th (MLK Day) Jesse and I were watching the Bachelor. I started having strong contractions about 5 minutes apart. We started timing them and keeping track of it and Jesse kept getting more and more concerned. He would say if it happens again like this we are going to the hospital! I told him that we could go to the hospital once the Bachelor was over (honestly, I thought that the contractions would stop!) well, they got to 4 minutes apart...and then eventually 3! So we packed the car and headed to Lexington Medical Center about 10:15! (Don't worry, I saw fang girl walk out of the rose ceremony) On the way to the hospital Jesse and I called our parents to let them know.

Well, we got all checked in at the hospital and they hooked me up to monitors to check my contractions and the baby's heartbeat. They confirmed the contractions and wanted to monitor me. Unfortunately, I was still only 2 cm dilated but I was 80 percent effaced (I had been 50 percent for several weeks as well!)

Long story short...I never dilated anymore even with the contractions. They started letting up a little bit (pain wise) and only option was to get induced. I had already let them know that I didn't want that and so I was released about 4 am (January 18th). I definitely couldn't work the next day and it turns out contractions continued for the entire week so I stayed home and tried all I could to initiate labor. When we went to the doctor on Wednesday we had an ultrasound done. We were excited since we hadn't seen our little girl since August at 20 weeks. She was very healthy and I had plenty of fluid left. They came in and checked me and I was STILL only 2 cm dilated. He said we could be induced on Friday or Monday, our choice, but that she might be too big by we decided on Friday (January 21).

So...that night Jesse and I went to the Melting Pot since at that point we knew that Friday was the day. We enjoyed a nice "last date before kids" and then Thursday night I barely could eat anything I was so nervous/anxious!

Friday morning we arrived at the hospital at 5 am and we just walked up to the 2nd floor and I got settled into my room. At 6 am the nurse started the pitocin drip to start the labor process. By 8 am they checked me and I was STILLLLLL only 2 cm dilated.

The nurse said she would check me again at 11 and by this time I was having some TERRIBLE contractions...lots of tears...I tried sitting up, laying down, walking around, on the rocking chair, and even the dern birthing ball. I had this awful pain especially on my left side (what I would say would either be my pelvis or hip or butt or something). Jesse was so helpful and really tried to make me feel better. He was always supportive and offering to massage my back or just put his cold hands on my neck.

Right at 11 the nurse walked in and said the doctor was here and he was going to check me. Well, I was still 2 cm and so he got the amniohook thing and broke my water. He asked if I wanted to go ahead and get the epidural and I said YES! So, by 11:30 the anesthesiologist came in and gave me what I call the MIRACLE drug! Jesse had gone to get something to eat and when he came back he said I was a different person!

Anyway, they checked me again about 1 and I was dilated to 4-5 cm and they said once I got to 6 then I should dilate a cm an hour! I was so excited and couldn't wait to get to 6. It was like I had felt this terrible pain for days and dilated NONE and then I got the epidural and couldn't feel anything and I dilated! That's why I thought it was a miracle drug. About 3 I was sitting there talking to Jesse (I had taken a little nap!) and the nurse came in and asked how I was and I said I was feeling some pressure (I honestly was telling her in case my epidural was running out or something) and she said, well let me check she checked and are at 10 cm! Fully dilated and ready! Jesse got on the phone and let our family know! Jesse predicted we would have a baby by 3:39. Well I started pushing and Jesse let me know that he could see the hair (and that it was dark!) I kept on pushing...and pushing...and pushing...and after pushing with each contraction for about an hour the doctor didn't know why I hadn't had any progress. She was still too high up for him to use anything like forceps or the vacuum to get her out. I was still feeling ok so I just kept trying...until sometime around 4:30 I said I had this terrible pain in my left side (felt like my butt!) and it became so excruciating that they called the anesthesiologist to come readjust my epidural. Jesse had to walk out again and he came back in right at 5. The new position didn't help me at all. Then they wanted me to adjust my position (lay on my sides) to push. One side I could tolerate but we would lose the baby's heartbeat. The other side the heartbeat was strong but I couldn't handle the pain/pressure! They then decided I needed a whole new epidural. So, in he comes again and gives me another long jab and I laid there and waited for it to "soak in". As I was doing this, the doctor continued to evaluate the monitor and realized there was a deceleration in the baby's heart at the end of every contraction whether I pushed or not which meant something was making her stressed. He said we could keep trying to push for a little bit longer but that it looks like we are going to have to do a c-section. Jesse and I looked at each other and decided to go ahead and do the c-section. I never tried to push again after the new epidural (I am sure that was expensive!)

About 5:20 we started getting prepped for the surgery...Jesse got suited up and I got a new wax job...(I did say free, but Jesse assured me it wasn't free!) At 5:39 they wheeled me in the operating room but made Jesse stand outside as they prepped me for surgery.

This is where everything hit me. It hit me that something might not be ok with her. It hit me that this was serious since 10 people with crazy masks on were talking all this medical lingo. It hit me that they were about to cut me open. It hit me that we were about to have a baby. I just started crying and as soon as Jesse walked in he could tell I had been upset. He walked in at 5:49. He really helped me out by saying a prayer with me, quoting scripture, and just talking to me to keep my mind off the fact that every time I felt pressure they were actually cutting me open. I could have NOT gone through that without him. I know that I love my husband and have for 10 years...but after Friday, I love him in a whole new way. He was definitely my rock and my cheerleader and proved he loves me in sickness and in health! By 5:59 they told me that I had a beautiful baby girl...but I couldn't hear her yet...I said to Jesse, she's not crying (I knew that was the sound we wanted to hear as soon as I gave birth!) right about that time I heard the best sound in the world...a baby crying. (I have reminded myself that it's the best sound this week in the middle of the night!!) I was so relieved that she was here and crying but I still couldn't see her.

Then all the sudden they held her up where I got a peak...but my body was numb. I couldn't move it or feel anything from my neck/chest down.

Jesse went over with the nurses to assess her and get her hand/foot prints. Then a few minutes later Jesse and a nurse walked over and they let me hold my baby girl for the first time!

She was a big girl...and that's why we ended up having a c-section. It turns out she was 8 lbs 3 oz (the OB had told me at the 8 week checkup that I couldn't birth an 8lb baby because of my pelvic size.) It turns out that Georgia Grace was head down but was face up.

(this is the correct position)
(this is how Georgia Grace was in my belly)
She was stuck in my pelvis and the horrible pain I had felt during contractions and during pushing was because the back of her head was rubbing up on my bone when it should have been her face (which would be softer). They call baby's who are born face up "nosey"...looks like we have a typical girl on our hands who wanted to make a grand entrance!
We are so glad that she is here now in our family!!

We love you Georgia Grace!


  1. Oh, Sarah, she's beautiful! You brought tears to my eyes! SO glad everything has worked out great!!! Being parents changes everything, but certainly for the BETTER!!!

  2. Sarah, just want you to know first, congratulations on your beautiful blessing and second, I had an emergency c/s with my first and I know how traumatic it can be, but it's a completely different experience when it's planned should you ever go through that again. In fact, it takes about as long as a mani/pedi and is about as painful! :) Congrats, again!

  3. I was wiping tears by the end of your story too. Brought back memories of when Faye was born. Enjoy every minute. They grow up so fast. I'm so happy for you and Jesse. Praying God's blessing on your precious little family.

  4. You made me cry! Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine. I'm thrilled that Georgia Grace is here and I'm so happy both of you made it through everything okay. God never gives us more than we can handle... but sometimes I wish He didn't trust me soo much! I can't wait to meet her.

  5. Your story sounds very similar to mine except I never dilated past 4! Glad she's here and healthy! Enjoy every minute!

  6. I am so glad that everything turned out okay in the end. You are got a beautiful baby girl that is the light of your life. I hate that it was not smooth sailing but look at the story that you get to tell her when she gets older, right (ha). Things certainly don't always happen the way that we plan them or would like for them to but most of the time the end result is the best thing and what we were looking for all along. She is truely beautiful and congrats to you both. I hope that you are feeling better after all of that and you certainly need to get some rest.

  7. Great story Sarah....glad you and Jesse were able to share it. Lots and lots of love I'm sending to you, Jesse, and the big baby girl! Gerry