Sunday, January 9, 2011

When Will She Make Her Debut?! Take a Guess...

Our due date is quickly approaching...
Click here to make your predictions for Georgia Grace!!!!


  1. I hope for an easy delivery whatever date she decides to come!!! I hope for your sake you aren't almost two weeks past your due date (as I was with our first one)!!! I'll guess the 18th (that way you and Jesse have one last "alone" weekend before she comes)!!! Much luck! Can't wait to see pictures of her beautiful face!!!

  2. My guess is a week after your due date, so the 21st. Docs don't let the bun stay in the oven much later than that any more. . . SO, January 21st you'll be induced and she'll have her BIRTH day. . . :o) Best wishes and God's guidance for a smooth delivery Sarah and Jesse!