Thursday, January 6, 2011

Surprise...a Book Shower!

At school today, my wonderful assistant and kids threw a surprise baby shower for Georgia Grace! They each had a wrapped gift that they gave me and they were the perfect gifts for a kindergarten teacher...BOOKS!

As most of you probably know, I own HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of children's books but all of them have been used for the past 7 years in my classroom and say either "Starkey" (my maiden name) or "Harmon" on the front! These books I got today are perfect for my baby girl because they are for HER! They aren't gonna be mommy's books from her classroom! (Although, don't worry, I will bring home books to read to her too!)

Here are some pictures from today's big surprise! The kids were so excited and they absolutely can't wait til she is here...although I am sure they will miss me once I am not around everyday considering I haven't been absent all year!

Excuse how big I look...keep in mind I am 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow!


  1. Awesome pictures and that was very cool that your class did this for you....Can not wait to see Georgia Grace.

    Angie, Ted and TJ