Saturday, February 5, 2011

Arriving Home and Meeting Ace...

We got home and found a big pink bow on the mailbox from Jesse's grandma (Nana)

And a sign on the front door...not sure who it is from?! (Anyone know?!)

Then we took our baby girl inside to meet Ace!
He checked her out and sniffed her and licked her (of course!) and then a little while later when Georgia Grace let out a cry...Ace was terrified! He acted like "make it stop!"
Here is a picture of Jesse holding Georgia Grace (as she is crying) and check out Ace digging his head in the back of the sofa! Hilarious! Notice Jesse trying not to laugh!
Ace is much better now!

Here are some other cute photos that we have captured of Ace
and his baby sister over the last 2 weeks!

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