Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leaving the Hospital...

Well, because of the emergency c-section we had to stay an extra night in the hospital so on Monday, January 24th we got discharged and were able to take our baby girl home! After we left the hospital we took her to Cracker Barrel because I had been craving some chicken and dumplings! See, most of the pregnancy I had an aversion to chicken and so once I had her I was looking forward to those chicken and dumplings...they are my fave!! I was going to just get take out cause I told Jesse we would probably get a lot of grief for taking a newborn to a restaurant but he said, we are the parents, we can make those decisions! So, we took her...she slept the entire time and no one even touched her...I mean, it was about 2pm and so lunch was about over! Here are some of the pictures we got leaving the hospital!
Getting all ready to leave the hospital! First time in the infant carrier!

Jesse's Nana made the hat, dress, and blanket for her! (Georgia Grace's great grandmother)

Jesse got her safely fastened in the car!

Leaving as a family of 3 (well 4 including Ace at home!)

Jesse driving his two favorite girls!

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