Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Husband to Daddy...

It has been really cool to see my husband transform into a father!
I knew Jesse would be great with children because of his past with working with them at church with VBS, etc. He also spoils Ace (our dog) and treats him like a literal child...so I knew that he would be great with Georgia Grace but Jesse has never really taken much interest with babies. Not that he didn't like them but it was more that he was scared or hesitant with them because they are so fragile.

It has been so awesome watching Jesse transform into a father by doing absolutely anything and everything for his baby girl. Hold her when she is fussy...

Change her diaper when it is dirty...
He changed his first diaper in the hospital that Friday night when I was a little drugged up on the morphine pump! (Kellee gave him great lessons!)

Swaddle her to go to sleep...
Philip gave him lessons on how to swaddle her.

Now Jesse is a pro at all of this! I can't wait til we can introduce a bottle to her so he can feed her (especially in the middle of the night!) Although most nights he has gotten up with me to help get me anything I need!

I just wanted to write this post to brag on my amazing husband and so Georgia Grace can look back and know how much her daddy loves her!

Any possible minute he is definitely snuggling with her because he realizes how fast she is growing and changing and it melts my heart!

I sure do love you, Jesse!

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