Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Months Old...

Age: 3 months
Weight: probably 12 pounds or more but not sure...go back to the dr at 4 months!
Length: according to our measurements she is 25 inches
Head Circumference: Not sure of this either...I measured 15 but thats what she was at 2 months at the dr so I probably am doing it wrong!
Health: Perfect as far as we can tell!
Size clothes: 0-3 months and some 3 months are starting to fit!!
Size diapers: size 1...We think she might be allergic to Target Brand though...bummer...everytime we use it she gets a bright red rash on her bottom :(
Eat: Breastfeeding or bottles (4 oz) every 3 or 4 hours
Sleeps: usually a few naps and then all night...YAY! Bedtime is usually around 10 pm and she typically sleeps until 8...some mornings she gets up before then though
# of Wake ups at night: She has been sleeping through the night all month! She sometimes will wake up because she rolls onto her belly and can't roll back over...this is usually early in the morning though (5 or 6 am) not really middle of the night!
Milestone: She learned how to roll over a few weeks ago from her back to her belly!
Disposition: Happy almost all of the time...unless she is hungry or tired and she absolutely loves to talk to you! (and of course smile!)
Loves: to kick and roll over...she loves her paci now and she likes her toy lion...she hugs him all the time
Doesn’t like: getting in her carseat but will usually settle down pretty quickly once you give her the paci and/or lion
Just learned: to roll over
Smiles when: she is playing with her toys or when you talk to her
Recent trips: Boston to see daddy run and she met mommy's class at school a few weeks ago!

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