Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Family ROAD trip...

Well last week we took our very first family road trip! Georgia Grace went on her first official vacation right before she turned 3 months old when we went to Boston but this was our first long trip in the car! (She has been to Charlotte several times and also Charleston but this was a LOT longer than a 2 hour ride!) We went with our friends, Tracy and Philip, and their son who will be 1 in September! It was fun traveling with friends but especially 2 babies!
Align Center On Saturday, July 30th Jesse was in a wedding...
(Congrats Kim and Tim!)
We got home that night and packed up everything and headed over to Tracy and Philip's house! We packed up the car and headed to Florida a little after midnight on Sunday, July 31st! Here are the kiddos sleeping on the way down! And here they are once the sun came up (we had finally arrived in the state of Florida!) We had so much fun!

We went shopping....
We played... We went swimming.... We went to Downtown Disney... (Georgia Grace LOVED Minnie Mouse!) We went to Sea World... And she LOVED watching the shows... except she slept through Shamu! And we had to come back home! but we stayed pretty entertained
and slept a little!

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