Saturday, December 31, 2011

New TV...New Car...New Year...

Well, It has been an interesting week since Christmas!

On Monday we went and picked out a new TV because that was Jesse's Christmas gift this year! (he has been wanting one for several years and we have had my dad's 'hand-me-down'!) Only thing about the TV is that they had to order the one Jesse wanted because they didn't have it in stock...

On Tuesday we didn't do much other than relax and enjoy time off!

Wednesday we packed and left for Myrtle Beach with the Lexington boys basketball team for the Beach Ball tourney. We were on our way and Jesse and Georgia Grace were both asleep and I was driving in the fast lane of I-20 when my cruise control stopped going 74! I tried to reset it and then my car just wouldn't accelerate anymore. I started freaking and woke Jesse up! Of course by this time I am piling up traffic behind me and I can barely get over because I am not going 20 mph trying to change lanes and can't get any faster...

Long story short - we got a tow truck...Amy came to our rescue and came and got Georgia Grace and me (and our luggage for 3 days at the beach with an 11 month old!) and then Jesse waited for the tow truck and hitched a ride with him!

Thursday we get the diagnosis that my car is going to cost several thousand dollars to get fixed. (catalytic converters?!) I have put almost 190 thousand miles on the Escape so we weren't going to put that kind of money into that car.
So... instead of going down to the beach a day late - we had to go car shopping.

We looked at tons of options...and literally looked and test drove for 2 whole days (Thursday and Friday) and then FIN.A.LY on Friday night we made the purchase of a Jeep Commander!

I am very excited about the new ride however it has definitely been a SUPER TOUGH few days with all of the stress of a car breaking down and having to say goodbye to my car my dad bought me when I graduated college to having our house completely torn apart with rearranging because of a new TV we are FINALLY put all back together - including all of the Christmas decor in the attic!


Now we can ring in the New Year!

Happy 2012 everyone!!

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