Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: Year in Review...

2011 was an amazing year!

In January we waited and waited and waited on our baby girl to arrive! 

We got lots and lots of snow which shut down school for a week (yay!) and then she finally arrived after being induced at 41 weeks and an emergency c-section!

February we spent time loving on our baby girl and being spoiled by all of our family and friends with meals and gifts as we became a family of 3!

March was tough as I went back to work and Crossover flag football began but we enjoyed each Saturday at the ball field!

In April we flew to Boston for Jesse to run in the Boston Marathon! We had such a great time!!

In May we had Georgia Grace dedicated at Radius!

In June Jesse and I celebrated our 5th anniversary and went on a 7 night cruise! 
So. Much. Fun.

In July we celebrated Georgia Grace's half birthday and then took a trip to Florida with the Rodriguez's!


In August we had to come back from Florida and I had to go back to work.

September started a new fall flag football league for Crossover and Georgia Grace attended her first college football game! Go dawgs!!

In October we went to the apple orchard, continued to enjoy flag football and Georgia Grace was a chicken for her first Halloween! 

In November we went to Kentucky for Georgia Grace to meet all of her Great Aunts and Uncle and cousins!

In December we took a mountain trip and then celebrated the birth of our Savior as it was Georgia Grace's first Christmas!


Looking forward to an amazing 2012 as we are getting ready to celebrate our baby girl's 1st birthday in 3 weeks!

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