Tuesday, March 20, 2012

16 week dr appt

How far along? 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Nothing yet still the same - actually was 1 lb. lighter today than at 8 and 12 wk appt.! But definitely a growing belly!

Maternity clothes? Not yet...but probably coming soon!

Stretch marks? None yet

Sleep: I'm not near as tired anymore but sleeping well so far!

Best moment this week: Got to see another ultrasound of Graham today at the doctor! The nurse told me she needed to get blood pressure and weight then I could do ultrasound and I was like I think that's next time - anyway she had messed up but they did 1 anyway since she had said that! Definitely confirmed its a boy but can't believe we got a sneak peek today after we paid for the other one last week!

Movement: Only a few times so far

Cravings: Potato chips

Gender: boy!!!

Labor Signs: None

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Nothing yet

What I am looking forward to: Going on a cruise in less than 2 weeks for my birthday!

Weekly Wisdom: mommas spoil boys way more than their girls

Milestones: feeling movement sometimes

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