Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Its a Boy...

We went today to find out if Georgia Grace was going to have a little sister or brother!!

Most people predicted boy including Jesse who is now 100% correct with the gender of both our babies!

We are so excited about having a new baby in August and even more excited to have a baby boy this time! We have loved every minute with Georgia Grace and now we get to experience life with a boy - cars and sports and everything in between!

His name will be Graham Chase Harmon. Jesse asked if he could name this one since our first was named after my dad! He liked Graham Armstrong but I wasn't a fan of Armstrong. (Graham after Billy Graham and Armstrong after Lance Armstrong both of which are role models of Jesse!) so we decided to use Jesse's middle name, Chase!

Now I guess I'm free to consign some of Georgia Grace's clothes and start getting some cute polos and sperrys!!

We are so blessed!

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