Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Graham and his visitors!

Lots of people came for Graham's DEBUT into the world!

Our hospital stay was from Thursday, August 23rd until Saturday, August 25th!

We are thankful for only having to stay 2 nights this go round cause with Georgia Grace it was a LONG 3 nights (4 days!) 

Amy and Nana (Jesse's grandma) were there right before Jesse went in for the delivery and then my mom and his mom and dad got there by the time Graham was born!  

After Graham came back to recovery to eat for the first time they weren't happy with my body temperature so they made me stay in recovery for a little longer with a bear hugger on which is some gadget that blows air on you to warm you up.   They did let Amy and Jesse's parents and my mom come into the recovery room though.  They enjoyed holding Graham! Although Amy had to get to work so I didn't get a pic of she and Graham :(

Later that afternoon Nana came back to the hospital and brought Papa to meet Graham.  

Then Luther and Katie came by and brought Knox to meet his newest buddy!
They actually left from the hospital to head to Tennessee for Luther's sisters wedding!

Sam came by and met Graham...he was a little nervous to hold him

Then Toby and Stacy brought the little miss (Georgia Grace) to meet her little brother!

Here are the pics we captured!


We gave her a gift for her to open...her very own baby to take care of!



Yes, Georgia Grace was obsessed with that snot sucker outer thing...we couldn't get it away from her!

 All of the nurses ate Georgia Grace up with her waving "bye bye" to them with her new babydoll in the infant carrier!

Later that night my best friends from school came by and brought me dinner from Atlanta Bread Company because they FINALLY allowed me to EAT again :)  

Here is a sign my class had made me that day!

 Here is MM with "Georgie" (Her nickname for him)
 Here is YaYa

And Aunt Kellee
I love my Corley friends!

Lindsey and Meredith and Lex came by to meet Graham too!

 Katelyn came by to visit on Friday morning

YaYa came by and Papa John to meet Graham after school on Friday!

Jesse's mom brought Georgia Grace back to visit on Friday evening. 
Here she is again with that snot sucker thing...she was obsessed!
 Saturday Tracy came by to visit on her lunch break and brought me a 
very appreciated lunch!
 Then Jamie (and Eliza Jane) and Ansley (and Caroline) came by to meet Graham.

Kim and Brad came by before we got released and met Graham!

Then that night Sam and Collin came by because they had gotten us CHEESECAKE from the CHEESECAKE FACTORY for us!  MMMMMmmmmm!
 On Monday Joe and Meg (and Liam and Jude) came by to meet Graham
Liam and Georgia Grace had fun playing though!
 Then Monday night Jeannette and Ashleigh brought us dinner!

We are so blessed by the people who came to visit us, who brought us food, who kept Georgia Grace spoiled while we were in the hospital, and for just loving and praying for our family...we can't thank ya'll enough!

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