Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor #2...19 months later...

Graham's labor story isn't near as long or dramatic like Georgia Grace's was. 

This time Dr. Silverio (my OB) wanted to schedule the c-section at 39 weeks.  He wasn't scheduled to do any deliveries that day but he came in for my c-section.  

Jesse and I had to be there at 5:30 am.  I ended up not sleeping that night because of how many contractions I was having plus I had terrible back pain too.  I took a shower about 1 am and never really could lay down or get comfortable because of the back and hip pain.  

We arrived at the hospital right at 5:30 and they told me to go straight to the 2nd floor and they would go ahead and give me my room that I would be in after the csection however they had no rooms and had lots of people to discharge that day.  So they put me in some weird room to prep me for my csection.  I had to pee in a cup...then get the stylish gown on...then the waiting began.  I was not allowed to wear makeup or any lotion...only deodorant were the instructions...thankfully I was ok to have a french manicure on my toes!  

It was a long 2 hours to wait!
Thankful for the iphone!

My contractions continued and they put a heart monitor on me while we waited to go to the OR.  Graham's heartrate continued to be in the 150's and 160's (as it had been throughout all of my checkups!) 
I did get an IV put in and they started pumping me full of fluids...which of course made me have to pee!  So I did get to go before I went to the OR.  Dr. Silverio showed up right at 7:30 and they got me straight in the OR.  Jesse got his scrubs on and joined me in the OR after they gave me my spinal to numb me from the middle of my back down.  They put in a catheter and then started the surgery.  This time he cut the same incision that was cut for Georgia Grace.  He didn't use staples this time though - he just used steri strips after he stitched me back up. 

There were no issues during the c-section except for my IV was really hurting my hand...the nurse anesthetist kept having to mess with it because the IV would stop running.  After Graham was born she actually ended up giving me an IV in my other wrist so they could just take the other one out.  

Graham was born at 7:54 am and was 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 3/4 inches long.  

Some of these pictures are quite graphic so if you don't like blood and stuff don't look...but here are some of the photos that Jesse snapped with his phone!

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